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Profit participation certificate

Capital grow:
Investment € 1.000.000 (8 profit participation certificates)


Purchasing Profit Participation Certificate

The investor purchases SUSTIDO participation certificates. As soon as all participation certificates are placed and the project investment amount is reached, the capital is insured and the real estate project is implemented. 

• Trust processing

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Financial Consultation

100% Capital guarantee.
NO RISK for the investor.

Investors' capital is 100% secure. Compared to direct real estate investments or crowdfunding projects, there is no risk to your investment. 

A non performance guarantee (NPG) is provided to hedge the investor's capital (and dividend).

Secured dividends

SUSTIDO offers 5% annual dividends from each profit participation certificate.

Business Consultation
Online Shopping


15% Dividends to distribute after 36 months

Legal documents for download

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